Presse Hannover B2run 2

B2RUN – Lets run!

On September 1st, 2016 the annual company run in Cologne is entering its next round. This year, the complete HLash team is preparing their running shoes to cross the finish line.

„This run is a really good opportunity to keep ourselves fit, to motivate each other and to have fun together“, according to Julia Knaack, employee of the HLash GmbH.

If you are interested in running together (or develop some new load securements systems while we run), please contact us at

We look forward to see many fans and supporters.

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B2RUN Logo




1st of september from 4:30pm at Rhein Energie Stadion in cologne.

Julia Knaack
public relations
Bruehl, 26.04.2016

Origin of photo material: Infront B2RUN GmbH