HLash & Rainer GmbH is aware of the impact of its actions. Therefore, when using our materials, we pay attention to their recyclability, sustainability and possible reusability, where possible. We do not use tropical woods.


In 2021 we signed the UN Global Compact. We recognize and live all the points required here.

In respect to the 3Rs, we are continuously developing our cargo restraining systems to further minimize the impact of cargo securing equipment on the environment.


The different webbing lengths correspond to the necessary lengths within our restraining system. A color system helps the user to position the different webbings correctly. The dye used are environmentally friendly. We are constantly searching for new materials that are more sustainable for the environment.


Upon request from our customers, we recollect the used restraining systems for the purpose of reconditioning.


Developed as a single-use solution, our container restraining systems can easily be used up to three times, taking into account the discard ‘criteria’. This enables our customers to use the purchased systems in circulation or for internal transports. Even a recurring use (more than 3 times) is possible with our innovative reusable modules.

Both we in Germany and our sister company HLash LLC in the USA offer the reconditioning of our used systems.

All materials used in our container restraining systems can be recycled.

About Us

HLash & Rainer GmbH is an owner-managed company.

We aim to improve and enhance the development of cargo securing for cargo in intermodal container transport.

Realizing our customers’ wishes is just as important as optimizing their implementation in terms of process costs.

Cargo securing must be appropriate and conform to standards – no more, but also no less.

We are aware of the effects of our actions. We support the UN Global Compact and work closely with our suppliers to embed these 10 principles as deeply as possible.

In our download area you will find our Code of Conduct and some guidelines and statements that are important to us.

In December 2020 we signed the Charta der Vielfalt, because without diversity we would not be HLash & Rainer GmbH.

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2015 and DIN EN ISO 14001-2015.