HLash GmbH – passgenaue Ladungssicherung im Container

Two in one sweep

HLash continues to grow!

April 6th, Bruehl | We are very happy to announce that with the beginning of April, two new experts have joined HLash GmbH to strengthen our consulting department for load securement. Dipl.-Ing. Christian Kunert takes over the consulting department as head of department, teaming up with Andreas Rainer in providing perfectly fitting solutions for load securement in containers. Within the department, Mrs. Julia Knaack will provide office support in organization and project management functions. She will also tackle our marketing challenges.

“Gaining the support of those two experts gives us the advantage of providing our clients an exceptionally strong and superbly motivated team. I am very excited on the new ideas that are already starting to appear” announces Andreas Rainer, CEO of HLash GmbH.

Christian Kunert and Julia Knaack are looking forward to the close collaboration within the HLash Network. They are especially interested in creating fresh ideas and contacts regarding load securement in containers.