ContainerRueckhalteSystem CRS Vario

CRS Vario

The modular CRS Vario can be used for many different loading types and configurations – usually one type of the CRS Vario is sufficient for all cargo loaded. This reduces stock keeping. Another great advantage of the variability of the CRS Vario is among others its use in recirculation: One CRS Vario can be used successively to secure different cargo: for example, after securing a load of double-deck IBCs to the overseas processing plant, the same CRS Vario can secure a container with single-layer palletized cardboard boxes immediately afterwards. This can be continued until the webbings are ready to be discarded.

Our new CRS Vario container restraining system forms the backbone of our cargo securing solutions. We have kept the different colors of our webbings for easy identification. The practical carrying bag and the included data sheet additionally facilitate the work in the loading area. The patented container hook has a safety latch and completely disappears in the container wall due to its size, thus preventing the cargo from getting damaged.

For recurring loading situations, please have a look at our pre-assembled CRS.

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