Hlash Rainer Volle Bluete 2022

Our Christmas campaign has blossomed!

Everywhere in the media there are reports on insect mortality and that we are destroying their habitat more and more as we seal everything. There are fewer and fewer flower meadows.

That got us thinking.

So when Christmas came around the corner and we started planing a little thank-you gift for our customers, it quickly became clear to us: “We’ll carry the ‘flower meadow’ theme forward!”

In our Christmas gift workshop, the idea was put into practice. To do this, we filled bee meadow flower seeds into small reusable glas jars and packed them into sustainable cellulose bags together with honey from the neighborhood.

Our thank you for another year of good cooperation with the invitation to create a small space for our insects.

The first flowers are already blooming. Thank you.

Of course, we also found a nice, previously unused, area for the flower seeds on our site. In April we sowed (more than a jar) and in July we could welcome the first bumblebees on the flowers.

We enjoy the view of our wild flowering strip during our breaks and look forward to even more bumblebees, bees & co. next year.