Circular Economy Hlash Rainer

Container restraining systems – Circular Economy – Recycling

Container restraining systems are usually used once and then disposed of. However, high quality systems can be fully recycled if this option is available at the point of arrival.

We know that our systems can do this. That’s why, following the 3 Rs of the UN Global Compact, we developed a circular economy system with an initial group of customers.

In the end, the used systems are returned to us. We test them to see if they are still usable, and if they pass the test, are reassembled into new systems for the customers. In the process, old packaging and data sheets are also reused wherever possible.

System components that fail the test are collected by us and sent to a specialized recycling company. In this way, we ensure that our systems are used for as long as possible and ultimately remain in the economic cycle as secondary raw materials.