Superbowl Event Bei Hlash Rainer Gmbh

Superbowl – a fun event at HLash & Rainer

In the night from February 13th to 14th at last:

Superbowl Night.

On the premises of HLash & Rainer GmbH some courageous colleagues met for outdoor viewing.

The event started with a pleasant barbeque evening – from grilled cheese to steak, all taste buds were served. Two colleagues even quickly conjured a delicious Chili con Carne in the kitchen. Thus, the inner warmth was cared for.

For protection from the outside cold, a large tent with pallet armchairs, cushions and cuddly blankets stood ready. The management had built the armchairs beforehand, personally.

With a beamer and a dunnage bag screen, the outdoor area became a huge cinema hall. During the pre-reporting, the first technical discussions developed. Terms like ‚interception‘, ‚quarterback sack‘, Hail Mary Pass‘ or ‚face mask‘ were clarified. A perfect setting for a long and very exciting night.

Everyone involved agreed: ‚We will do it again next year!‘

In the morning we were available for our customers as always.