Renaturalisierung Firmengelaende Hlash Rainer

Bumblebee, bee & Co. – on our company premises

We not only support the project of NABU for the protection of bumblebee, bee & Co.

Since 2020, a small oasis for insects, birds and other small animals has been created on our company premises in the middle of an industrial park.

We have planted a total of 10 fruit, deciduous and coniferous trees on a disused rail bed at the edge of our site since last year. We spread sand and soil over the gravel stones and some plants have already settled. Every day we discover new flowers that feel at home on the old rail bed.

Our courtyard doesn’t offer much opportunity to renaturalize the ground surfaces. Therefore, our meeting container in the courtyard has received a green roof. We have also planted trees and flowers into three IBCs and arranged them in the courtyard.

In the coming years, we will continue to develop our little oasis step by step, which will also be enjoyed by our employees.