Unit Load Securement –

Unit Load Securement – Steel drum securing – SFV, Lasistern, Unit load securing – LES


  • For the formation of transportable unit loads.
  • Steel drum securing – SFV:
    SFV 1 for securing one and SFV 2 for securing two 220l steel drums on a pallet. Also available as reusable versions with ratchet for circular use.
  • Lasistern:
    Lasistern 3 for securing three and Lasistern 4 for securing four 200l steel drums on a CP pallet. Due to the precisely fitting grooves on the Lasistern, the drums can be moved into position without damage. The Lasistern is suitable for all modes of transport up to 1 g. Single-use system.
  • Unit load securing – LES:
    The LES can be used to secure different goods on pallets. Designed for internal transport, also approved for road transport. Ergonomic use. LES are reusable due to the buckle, making them suitable for the circular economy.
  • Our YouTube tutorials demonstrate the ease of use.


  • Recyclable.
  • Easy and quick to use.

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