Rückhaltesystem von HLash GmbH für Weichverpackungen zur Ladungssicherung im Container

Another certified solution by HLash GmbH – Cargo securement for flexible packaging

True to our company’s motto, HLash GmbH has now expanded its range of certified solutions to include a solution for restraining flexible cargo in an oversea container. This certification shows how capable our cargo restraining system RHS (for “Rückhaltesystem”) is in not only safely restraining rigid packaging, but also soft, flexible packaging such as BigBags or 25 kg bags on CP pallets. While not all flexible packaging is alike, this certification shows the way for future projects and offers our clients a safe and fitting solution in an easy to use application.

In theory, our RHS is usable for every imaginable unit load being transported in a container. Due to its modular construction, the textile system can be adapted to different loads and cargo weights. All our systems are tested for use in standard containers and the new steel floor containers (different friction modifiers). They are tested and certified to continue working for the whole transport, even with reduced pretensions (even zero pretension and loose webbings) or low friction between unit load and container.

The actual performance of the RHS system was tested with different flexible packaging during a three-day testing marathon this August. The test was performed with two different versions of our RHS (using 8 or 6 container lashing eyes), 20 t of product in different packaging and a Hapag Lloyd AG 20’ steel floor container. All g-force requirements of the CTU Code of Practice were achieved and the container was repeatedly decelerated in and against driving directions. See here how we turned the container: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmztfnZKX7s&feature=youtu.be

Currently, we are still analyzing all the video and sensor data taken during the tests. Following this, we will present more information. If you are interested in the details, please feel free to contact us.

Julia Knaack
Press work and public relations