Andreas Rainer International EUMOS-Symposium 2017 HLash

Review: International EUMOS Symposium 2017

Excellent weather and a great host (WKÖ) in beautiful Vienna played its part to support the 5th International EUMOS Symposium. Top-class participants and speakers enjoyed the location to discuss cargo securing in Europe.

Industry speakers, presented real-world solutions to well-known problems, while producers and developers discussed new initiatives to standardize processes and testing procedures, for example for cargo securing in CTUs.

International EUMOS-Symposium 2017 Präsentation Andreas Rainer

Always present: Container Checkers and international experts. Further discussions and plenty of conversations were held at the exhibition were producers of cargo securing materials presented new ideas and improvements. If you noticed the “wooden constructions that are simple and cost-effective to manufacture” and “can be used to fill empty spaces” in the Lanxess report above:

International EUMOS-Symposium 2017 Port Supervisor
John Verhoeckx, Port Supervisors presents his experiences during container inspections.

The event offered numerous chances to expand the social network, gain new perspectives and find new ideas.