HLash GmbH zertifiziertes RHS+ Rückhaltesystem für Ladungssicherung im Container

HLash presents upgraded cargo restraining system for 2017

Color-coding adds a splash of color to the container

With the upgraded RHS ‘+’ load securement system, HLash now offers the fastest and most variable cargo restraining system for use in intermodal containers available on the market. One of the highlight remains the individual adaptability to different cargo types. This allows the RHS+ system to be adopted to different cargo weights and heights. Thanks to the color-coded horizontal restraining webbings errors in connecting the system after loading are prevented. By pre-assembling most parts, the loading personnel saves time and further reduces the chance for errors.

Another feature has been sucesffully introduced: The color-coded positioning web is now capable of receiving pre-assembled horizontal restraining webbings. Setting the correct height in front of the cargo is now simplified.

All products from HLash are certified and can even be reused, although build for one-way use in intermodal transport. Contact HLash regarding it’s Sustainability Initiative. RHS ‘+’ presents a fitting solution with economic and ecologic advantages.

HLash is global. With offices in North America (www.hlash.us) and Europe (www.hlash.de), we provide services and products on a global scale.