Marine Casualty Commissioner Training Hlash Rainer

New Training Program 2024: Become an Expert for claims management/loss adjuster and surveyor

HLash & Rainer is pleased to announce a significant training opportunity for professionals and those interested in the field of damage management. From September 23rd to 27th, 2024, the training course Experts for claims management/loss adjuster and surveyor will take place, organized and conducted by MHD – Die Schadenpräventer (The Damage Preventers).

This training aims to provide participants with comprehensive skills in handling goods and transport damages across all modes of transportation. A special focus is on the professional and safe management of marine casualties and transportation accidents, especially in road traffic.

We are proud to provide our facilities in Cologne for this important training. We believe that participating in this course will not only expand your expertise but also make a substantial contribution to safety and efficiency in the transportation sector.

As a special incentive, MHD is offering an exclusive early bird discount of 10% for the Advent season. This is an excellent opportunity to deepen your knowledge and actively engage in the prevention of transport damages. For more information and registration, simply click here: To the Training. We look forward to welcoming you in Cologne in September 2024 and possibly sharing a coffee together.