HLash & Rainer Reefer-RSM-Faesser

Reefer Container Systems

For a long time, the use of classic cargo securing methods in reefer containers was a challenge due to the lack of lashing eyes and anchor points. In addition, the walls are smooth and may not be damaged due to their insulation.

The floor in the form of a T-grating is made of aluminum, so that classic blocking or bracing is not possible. It is precisely this shape of the floor that our mobile container eyelets take advantage of, they hold on to the T-grating.

Reefer Safety Module RSM

The design of the RSM makes it a flexible lashing eye and a blocker at the same time. The cargo can be secured both force-fit and form-fit. At the same time, the air can circulate unhindered in the reefer.

The RSM is made of cast steel and can be reused several times. After use, it can be removed without damage or residue.

HLash Reefer System HRS

With the HRS, the anchor points are integrated into the cargo securing system. By means of a defined torque, the horizontal webbings can be mounted at any point in the container floor, even under the goods.

Our restraint systems can thus also be used for cargo securing of temperature-controlled shipments in reefer containers.

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